Our in-depth industrial know-how, backed by firm alliances with reputed international partners, enables us to reliably support our client’s processes with a broad spectrum of technical services.  Furthermore, the commitment and expertise of our employees positions us as one of the few regional industrial specialists who can deliver a broad range of comprehensive solutions whilst maintaining cost, quality, and efficiency across diverse market segments.

Our capabilities include:

  • Annual/long Term Maintenance Contracts.
  • Shutdown Maintenance.
  • Plant Operation.
  • Retrofit/Refurbishment and Repair works.
  • Modernization/Modification Works. 
  • Value Added Services
  • Technical Manpower Supply.  


  • Transmission & Distribution
    Transmission & Distribution

    • HV (GIS) Switch Gear, and HV Substations
    • Transformers
    • MV & LV Sub-stations, and Distribution systems
    • DC Systems i.e. UPS, Battery & Battery chargers
    • Over Head Transmission Lines
    • Energy/Smart Metering
    • Event logger, Fault recording, Earthing system
    • Street Lighting

  • Power & Water Generation
    Power & Water Generation

    • Preventive and Shutdown Maintenance for Electrical, Mechanical, and Instrumentation Equipment
    • O&M for Peaking Power Stations
    • O&M for Combined Cycle Power Plants
    • O&M for Water Distillation, and RO Plants
    • Hydraulic Systems (Hydro Coupling & Turbine Hydraulic Systems)
    • Power Plant DCS, Field Instrumentation, and Control equipment
    • Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting System
    • Diesel Generator, Cranes, HVAC Systems
    • Plant Communication, and Network
    • Boiler Furnace Camera Systems
    • Condition Monitoring for Rotating Equipment
    • Water Analyzer and Emission Monitoring Systems
    • Retrofit, Modernization, and Upgrade 

  • Oil & Gas: Refineries & Petrochemicals
    Oil & Gas: Refineries & Petrochemicals

    • Preventive & Shutdown Maintenance
    • Overhauling of Columns & Pressure Vessels
    • Maintenance, Re Tubing, and Repair of Heat Exchangers
    • Maintenance, Trouble Shooting & Overhauling of Centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors, and Pumps
    • Maintenance, and Overhauling of Gear Boxes, Agitators, Valves
    • Condition Monitoring of Rotary Equipment
    • Piping Insulation, and Painting
    • Inspection Services
    • Maintenance of control Systems, Instrumentation, and Field Control Equipment
    • Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, and Switchgear
    • Maintenance Fire, HVAC, CCTV, and related Plant ancillary equipment.
    • Retrofit, modernization, and upgrade works